Founder Grief Heroes Foundation,  Social Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker,  Cancer Survivor

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark

Currently Resides in Celebration, Florida, USA

Mother of 4: Christina, Malene, Christian, & Andy

Dog-Mom of 1: Siko

Olivia, Lucas & Jakes

Proud Grandmother


Susan Binau




Certification in Cognitive Behavioral and Psychological Testing: Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorJungian Type IndexBelbin Self Perception Inventory, and Occupational Personality Questionnaires.

Certified Corporate Speaker

Certified Stress & Career Coach

Bachelors Degree in Marketing  (Hilleroed Handelsskole)



Bachelors Degree in Educational Planning (Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitet)



Masters Degree in Education & Human Resource Development (Roskilde University)




Susan's cancer patient advocacy journey began in 2006 when she was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer a few days after her son's 2nd birthday and discovered the lack of resources available for families in that situation.  In 2009 she moved to the U.S. with her family to start a global cancer awareness program that would support the families and children of people diagnosed with cancer. The goal was to make it easier for patients and their loved ones to navigate the turbulent time from diagnosis to healing or end of life.




Along the way, Susan has built non-profit organizations in Denmark and collaborated with non-profit organizations, hospitals, and hospices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, and the United States.

In 2019 she founded the Grief Heroes Foundation a nonprofit organization headquartered in the State of Florida. The organization is committed to providing grief healing and mental wellness resources to children and teenagers to help them and their families navigate during times of adversity.  Learn more.


Danish Books


  • Mor Må Jeg Få Din Pc, Hvis Du Dør? - Susan Binau, Alan Binau

  • Til sygdom os skiller E-bog│Sådan overlever kærligheden, når det er svært

  • Mor, Mor må jeg få din pc, hvis du dør?- stemmer fra en sygdomsramt familie (2nd edition), Forlaget Indblik, 2012

  • LØVEN OG MARGUERITRUTEN – FIND DIN NETVÆRKSSTIL.  Find your networking style, Ceoneo Books, 2008

  • En værdig afsked - bogen om døden, MD Klara Balling and Susan Binau. Morpho Publishing, 2009


The Caring Soul Series

  • Mommy, Can I Call You In Heaven?: How we coped with cancer as a family

  • Till sickness do us part–how love survives difficult times, Gads Forlag, 2009

  • The Art of Dying - writing your own final chapter

Super Dog Zam Grief Series

  • The Parent's Guide - how to support your grieving child

  • The Super Dog ZAM ages 3-5: A helping paw for grieving children

  • The Super Dog ZAM ages 6-9: a helping pal for grieving children

  • The Super Dog ZAM ages 10-12: A companion for grieving children


Other Publications

A dignified passing - an inspirational booklet for relatives

of a terminally ill or dying patient,

Soul Care Group Global 2021


Susan is a certified keynote speaker from Bill Gove Academy.

She is inspiring leaders and HR staff to build resilient organizations in her keynote speech about Spiritual Toughness and Speak grief. 


Addressing the difficult topics of illness, death, and grief in her books was a way to create awareness of harmful cultural taboos.  Sharing her own experiences and the experiences of her family and friends opened much-needed community and international dialog on this topic, ultimately leading to speaking engagements throughout Denmark and beyond. Through these engagements, Binau speaks to organizations and healthcare professionals to provide motivation, inspiration, and guidance. An experienced speaker, Susan has traveled internationally to share her story.


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