Keynote Speech

"Spiritual Toughness"
60-90 min

"How we deal with our emotions shapes everything that matters in our life: our actions, relationships, happiness, wellbeing and professional career."

- Susan Binau

In this keynote speech, Susan Binau, who is living her fifth chance at life, shares her personal story of survival and the secret recipe to building a foundation of resilience.

Susan was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer a few days after her son's second birthday, and it was in her toughest moments that she found spiritual strength to combat fear and to stay strong on behalf of her children.


Through years of interviewing people for her books, Susan discovered some spiritual traits extraordinarily resilient people seem to share, and she believes that we all have access to develop our 'spiritual muscles.' 


Susan empowers her audiences to step out of their comfort zones, live fearlessly, and aim to live purposeful lives.

This inspirational keynote speech is perfect for corporations and organizations, but is beneficial for anyone who wants to be inspired and master change and adversity.

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